Local branches & links

Local branches of the Toyohari Association

The EBTA is organised into local branches. In Europe the list below identifies the existing branches. In the future other countries will most likely follow. So if you live in a country where there is no branch yet, there may soon be one. The branches mainly provide support and access to continuing study groups. In Toyohari this is vital, to keep honing the very delicate needling and palpational skills.

How to join a branch?

To join a branch you first have to complete the basic Toyohari training program. At this point you will be invited to join EBTA (the parent association with direct links to the headquarters of the Association in Tokyo). Once a member of EBTA, you can join your local branch which gives you access to the regular local study groups and training events which are so important for continuing to develop Toyohari skills.
In countries without a local branch, a branch will be formed as soon as the required number of members is reached.

Worldwide branches