The European Branch of the Toyohari Association

On this site information about Toyohari acupuncture and the EBTA can be found for the general public, for non-Toyohari acupuncturists and for EBTA members.

What is the EBTA?
The European branch of the Toyohari Association is the European division of the worldwide Toyohari Association, which is based in Japan. In different European countries, local branches exist, each of which comes under the EBTA umbrella.
The EBTA is not a professional organization, but organizes a yearly basic Toyohari program and provides continuing education for its’ members.
Membership is open to anyone who has graduated from the basic Toyohari program.

What is Toyohari?
Toyohari is a unique Japanese style of acupuncture.
Characteristic of Toyohari are the very gentle, non-inserted techniques and also the emphasis on palpation for diagnosis. Read more about Toyohari on the Patients’ or Acupuncturists’ pages.

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